Programmer with over 25 years of experience in software development.
My love for coding starts at twelve years old, when my parents gave me my first computer (Commodore 64).

I've worked in my father's company as handbags designer and CAD modeler.

I had start programming in VB6, MS access and asp to make dynamic server pages using PWS (then IIS).
Then I've meet PHP, Apache and MySQL and I fall in love with the stack since the version 3 as cgi.

I've make my first e-commerce in perl (filesystem database) in 1998 then I've rewrite it using asp and finally in the LAMP stack.
in 2002 I've started working for InterWorld S.r.l. as CTO and programmer bringing my knowledge of web tecnologies to a higher level.

I've studied and created application in several languages such as:
PHP (console, server-side and with gtk), JAVA (awt, swing, android), C# (including .NET, WindowsForm, Core), Javascript (nodejs and browser based), Python (tkInter), Flash (actionscript) and many other old technologies.

I've studied hacking techniques and security related, in 2005 I've created my first pen-tester software based on OWASP documentations which were designed for different kind of attacks.

Since 2007 I worked for Planet S.r.l. and I had the possibility to improve my programming skills working together with a team of other IT experts on medium-big projects.
Now I know how to move on the most popular php frameworks like Laravel, Zend, Igniter ... 
and js ... but kendo and vanilla with es6 is my favorite :D.

Currently studing Laravel with Vue
I'll never be bored to study new web tecnologies and improve my skills.
I've worked for 2 years in PIEROTUCCI as programmer and system integrator.

Now employed in Genomedics as backend developer.

I love to play guitar (heavy metal), snowboarding (extreme or freestyle ... 
I know I'm too old for these things), playing videogames but overall I love my wife and my 2 wondeful children.

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