Below a list of works from the past

Year 2002 Start working for Interworld

Year 2002 - Portal Generator

One of the first CMS ever made. Developed under the LAMP stack in PHP4.
Has been ported to PHP5 and there are still several installations:

Year 2004 - InterPlanner

PHP4 Application for medical centers.

Year 2004 - InterMeeting

PHP4 software to manage dates website with chat in VB6

Year 2005 - InterCar

PHP4 Application for car resellers

Year 2007 - Start working for Planet Srl

Automated Ticketing System TICK@

  • Creation of the Invoices Module
  • Development of daemon to run processes in background
  • Access control
    • Mobile app for check ticket
    • Implementation of logic behind
  • CI/CD creation of the pipeline for Patch and Updates for all the installations

Development of Rapid Application Development

  • ZendFramework 1.11 + jquery
  • ZendFramework 1.11 + dojo
  • ZendFramework 1.11 + kendo-ui
  • ASPNET MVC + kendo-ui (boilerplate with auth)


  • Sharing filesystem for UNICEF Geneva
  • UnicefResearchCenter of Florence - Porting from Access to MySQL+ZendFramework+Kendo
  • Unicef Supply - Development of Vaccine Reporting System


  • NodeJs daemon for reporting system
  • ZendFramework+Kendo-ui web based reporting dashboards


  • Porting da VisualBasic 6 a PHP-MySQL e Creazione di piattaforma per la gestione della
    bollettazione della mensa scolastica del comune di Livorno


  • Development of the "Community of Practices" platform

Year 2017 Start working for PIEROTUCCI

  • Development of a new RAD system based on Laravel 5.x (WMS)
  • Creation of the new e-commerce platform 
  • Creation of a suite of applications for the integration between local ERP (C3Wear first and Zucchetti AdHoc Revolution Glamour) in C#

Year 2019 in Genomedics

  • Development of backend systems
  • Integrations with Laravel
  • Docker